PipeCloud launched at Sihy Finland

November 4th, 2019

Finnish pipe prefabrication company Sihy is the first corporate user of the new PipeCloud, which was launched for beta testing on November 4th 2019. PipeCloud is a unique SaaS-based manufacturing execution system (MES) which opens a road to the digitalization of prefabricated metal products.

“We will bring the efficiency of serial production to the production of unique pieces”, says mr. Jarno Soinila, CEO of PipeCloud. “PipeCloud is now available for selected beta customers who want to improve their operations.”

According to Soinila, with PipeCloud the productivity of pipe workshop can be increased by 20 to 50 percent. PipeCloud crunches the customer’s order data and bundles the pipe spools sets, generating programs for CNC machines, optimizing production and assigning work orders for all production phases.

“Pipe workshop managers will save a lot of time in routine workflow planning. What used to take tens of hours, will be done in seconds. In addition to that, they get real-time status information from all production phases which leads to better transparency and reliability of delivery.”

Sihy is the leading supplier of prefabricated pipes for Meyer Turku shipyard. PipeCloud was originally developed at Sihy as the company saw a big opportunity in the digitalization of pipe prefabrication. In 2018 the innovation was divested to an independent spinoff-company PipeCloud, to speed up the R&D work and enable a global focus to the software business. The new PipeCloud was released after three years of intensive development work in tight collaboration with Sihy.

“We believe that PipeCloud launches a revolution in the world of prefabricated pipes”, Soinila says. “This SaaS-based innovation will play a key role as we are transforming pipe workshops into smart factories.”

Contact to apply for beta testing:
CEO Jarno Soinila
+358 40 517 9502

PipeCloud is at Slush 2019!

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