Introducing Industry 4.0 for pipe prefabrication

Digitalized pipe manufacturing - PipeCloud enables serial production methods on unique pipe spools.

Key benefits for pipe shops

PipeCloud is full of features that will help pipe shops to maintain their competitiveness. Some of the key benefits are:

A holistic solution enabling optimization between single unit lead time vs. resource efficiency

Pipes are sorted, marked and stored as specified in the order

Pipes arrive just in time (JIT) for installation

Transparent and competitive activity based costing (ABC)

Cost savings and less errors due to the automated work planning process

Possibility to automate orders and reporting through system integration

Generation of machine tool programs, making offline programming unnecessary

Cost savings in design by utilizing the feedback from the activity based costing

Cost savings from serial production methods on unique products

Rethinking the shop floor activities

By treating each manufacturing phase as an independent sub-process, many characteristics of serial production can be implemented: mass producing pre-cut parts, bending pipes of the same size in large batches and supplying the needed parts for the fitting phase.

Independent and optimized sub-processes, of which some may be outsourced, will more likely be able to reduce waste and respond to the changing demand situation effectively. The phases of pipe prefabrication are cutting, plasma cutting, bending, fitting, welding, robotic welding, material picking, surface treatment, pressure tests, delivery, etc.


PipeCloud launched at Sihy Finland (November 4th, 2019)

Kemppi and PipeCloud start global software cooperation (June 13th, 2019)

PipeCloud is at Slush 2019!

Let's meet

PipeCloud was originally created at Sihy

Sihy Oy is a Finnish pipe shop specialized in prefabrication of pipes for shipbuilding

The software has been used in production at Sihy Oy since 2016

Spin-off from Sihy Oy to PipeCloud Oy in September 2018

The new SaaS based PipeCloud version launched in November 2019

Web based UI for superior usability

Modular - Easy to learn - No initial investment needed

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Jarno Soinila
+358 40 517 9502

Olli Yliaho
+358 44 589 6560

Henri Hyvärinen

+358 40 523 7576

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